Terms & Conditions


Wednesday, June 16, 2010
2.    ALL TRAVEL DIRECTIONS ARE LISTED IN THE BROCHURE AND AT www.pls.org/html/directions.html
3.    ADA CERP credits for dentists 
4.    AADH, Inc. approved credit for dental hygienists 
5.    DANB, Inc. approved credit for certified dental assistants *“DANB Approval” indicates that CE course appears to meet certain specifications as described in the DANB Recertification Guidelines. DANB does not, however, endorse or recommend any particular continuing education course and is not responsible for the quality of any course content. 
6.    Certificates and credits are awarded upon course completion. 
7.    Checks and major credit cards are accepted.
8.    Course refunds require 10 days notice and are charged a $30 processing fee. 
9.    Course withdrawal with credit or exchange request requires a minimum of 24 hour notice before the scheduled course. 
10.No refund or exchange for no show or less than 24 hour course withdrawal notice. 
11.PLS reserves the right to change speakers and sites as required. 
12.PLS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes as required. 
13.STORM Cancellation information: www.pls.org or call the hotel/facility where event is scheduled.
1.    Refund requires 10 days notice and a processing fee of $30 will be charged.
2.    Cancellation requires a 24 hour minimum notice before the seminars for a credit or exchange is issued.
3.    No attendance without notice, as above, results in no credit, exchange or refund.
4.    PLS reserves the right to change speakers and locations or facilites as required.
5.    PLS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule seminars as required. Full refunds, credit or exchange will be offered under these circumstances.
6.    STORM Cancellation information, please contact the PLS office or call the meeting facility. PLS reserves the right to delay a seminar start time due to inclement weather.
Professional Learning Services offers a complete catalogue of Online and Correspondence CEUs for Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants. Credits are accepted based on your individual state regulations. You can either order a book and exam or take an online course and exam .
Discounts are available for Groups of 5 or more
The benefits of Corporate account are:
1.    All records of your employees would be saved in our systems
2.    Billed for everyone who takes the course (instead of scattered billings when people register)
3.    Avoid having to reimburse students (for circumstances when student pays with their credit card and then turns in the receipt)
4.    Avoid giving company credit card number to all students
5.    Onetime payment.

Discounts on all the courses. Great savings! Tuition for seminars, online and correspondence courses and materials are listed. For information on private continuing education and related services, please contact the PLS office directly at 203-261-2857.